Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spontaneous yard work

My momma came over this am (Weds) on her way home from her acupuncture appointment. (she's actually getting some relief and recommends it!) We were outside enjoying the BEAUTIFUL day with the boys before lunch, so we grabbed her a chair and she joined us. As we talked, we ended up on the bushes and how I didn't know how to prune them. She instructed as I chopped away and they look soooo much better! After she left at 1:00 josh and I still had a yard work bug in us and kept going... Until 4:45! I was a master on the leaf blower and he worked on baggie leaves he'd blown into piles the other day. The boys were in and out bc of nap time but loved being out there. We do not get outside nearly as much as I'd like or we should. During the summer it was too hot and/or Mosquitos were horrible and lately it has been a little chilly to be out long. Today was gloriously beautiful and just the right temp! It was so nice being outside, soaking in some vitamin D, being productive with my honey, burning some calories, and the boys NOT watching cartoons or fussing! :)

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