Friday, November 2, 2012

No excuse...

Hey y'all! My blogging life just got a *bunch* easier! I got a "blogger" app on my iPhone. Now I have no excuse not to post! I think about posting cute things that the boys do all of the time but don't really get on my NetBook (small laptop) very often now that I have my iPhone. I'm SUPER excited and will definitely post more now! Score!

This morning we went to the zoo with our sweet friends Amy D and her two sets of twin girls: Nellie Grace and Cynthia (2 in Dec); Lauren and Payton (almost 4 months) as well as a few other moms from Church of the Highlands and their kids. One these was Sara Kate and her kids, griffin and Emory. Sara Kate and her hubby, Blake, are good friends with Amy and her husband and are in our new small group. Josh and I are really excited about getting to know them better. :) I always love getting together with other momma and their kids, so this was a welcome zoo trip. As you know, I'm new to this app, so I dont know much about adding pictures so the zoo pics are at the end of the post.

We are headed to Chattanooga tomorrow to meet Josh's parents, Regenia "Gigi" and Milton "Papa". They're generously treating us to a weekend of fun including the aquarium and a train ride! It'll be a fun time. We are spoiled getting to see Gigi and Papa so much. This is our third weekend to see them in the past four. I'm sure they're loving it because I know it's got to be hard living in a different city than their grand babies.

I'll use my 2.5 hr car ride to do a few posts on my new app. SUPER EXCITED! I just hope someone is actually reading haha. I guess if no one is, at least I'll have our life documented :)

Have a beautiful weekend! I'll leave you with some pictures from our trip to the park this afternoon with daddy :) and a few zoo pics!

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