Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My fantasy fulfilled.

Ever since I found out that bestie, Eden Keever, was pregnant last Fall, I was determined to do something special for her in celebration of her first child. Sometime around February I decided that I would knit her a receiving blanket. Excited, I got started right away and worked on it sporadically throughout the following months... all the while keeping it a special secret. Josh and I had discussions about my silly fantasy of finishing it... wrapping it up all pretty, and giving it to her. She'd open it and I'd say, "I made it!" and she'd go "Awww, TAY!" lol... Unfortunately, since I would have spurts where I'd put it down for weeks at a time, it was not finished by the day of his actual birth, July 10th. I did, however, finish it once The Keevers got to Birmingham a few weeks later. The night finally came a few weeks ago for me to give it to her at our house. It went great. She asked right away if I'd made it, was so grateful, and even mentioned a few times about how much more special it was b/c I made it. After they left, Josh was adorable and said, "Well, was it like your fantasy?!" hahaha. Love it. It was :) Don't know if the pictures do it justice, but I'm proud of it and most of all love that, unless Wyatt adopts it as his special thing, for years to come, the Keever babies will be wrapped in the TLC and prayers that I put into every stitch.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the blanket tay!!! and wyatt does too! we put him to bed with it every night! you are such a blessing to us and i am so glad that wyatt will have aunt tay in his life always!
love you!