Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quick visit from the M-I-L

This Thursday, Josh's mom, Regenia (M-I-L), came for a quick visit. It was so great to see her, catch up, and hang out for a few days. I feel like we don't get to see her and Milton nearly enough, so I really value every opportunity we do get to see them. When she got here on Thursday, we went to Cocina Superior at the Brookwood Mall, where M-I-L generously treated us to dinner! After dinner, we went to the Verizon store in the mall to get me a new phone and change our plan around a little to save some money each month. I need to brag on Josh, b/c while it might not seem like a big deal to all of you, I was so proud of him and it meant a lot to me-We've been looking for ways, big or small, to cut some spending each month. Josh had a blackberry that he got for an old job. The internet alone for his blackberry was $30 a month. Josh very easily agreed to switch to my old phone so we could not have to pay the $30 a month for the internet. I know it seems silly... I just think that it was probably hard to switch from such a nice blackberry with internet, etc. to a regular phone again and it means to much to me. That is $360 a year that we will save b/c he was able to sacrifice for our family. Good job, Joshy! :) I was very disappointed to come home to find that the Tivo didn't record Grey's Anatomy, so we caught the last 30 minutes and then hit the sack. (Friday I tried to watch it on, but it kept freezing up on me. I'm going to try again today!) Friday morning, while I was in class, M-I-L went to see some relatives in town. When she got back, we had the opportunity to visit and play with Miley a bit and then decided to go shop around at the Summit and Target, where M-I-L got Miley some new toys that she really likes! M-I-L loves Vera Bradley, so we went there first and then over to Swoozy's, a store I really like and had previously introduced M-I-L to, to look around and also get some craft/embroidery ideas for M-I-L. While we were in Swoozy's we saw the CUTEST onesies and other baby paraphernalia, including baby socks, which I've included pics of 2 pairs of them! If we have girls, I will NOT be hugely into all the princess stuff, but they'll definitely have a few cute things like these socks or the precious Mary Jane socks :) In general, I'm not into super cutesy and cheesey stuff, especially for babies. I usually go for more sweet and simple stuff, but these onesies are funny, so I like them. I gotta tell ya... just b/c I talk about how I value the time alone with Josh, not ready to have a baby right now, etc. does NOT mean I don't get elated when I think about having one in the near future! Seeing all of the precious baby stuff only fueled that fire. Luckily for me, my darling M-I-L is very crafty. She scrapbooks, is learning to smock, does embroidery, and can monogram with the best of them. I'm going to get her to make our babies, well, lots of cute stuff, but definitely some of these onesies for cheap! They are too cute. I took some pics with my camera phone, so they are not amazing, but you get the picture. Last night, M-I-L treated us to dinner again and a movie. (Thank you M-I-L!) We tried that new place at Vestavia City Center, Giano's, and YUUUUM! It was really good. The Gambles will definitely be back! Josh made me proud again last night. We looked at different movie options and narrowed it down to The Women, Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys, My Bestfriend's Girl, and Burn After Reading. We decided to nix My Bestfriend's Girl because Josh and I thought Dane Cook might be a little much for his mama, and she'd told us about a movie that she'd watched recently when visiting one of her sisters that she did not like : Good Luck Chuck, also a Dane Cook movie... So we put The Women, The Family That Preys, and Burn After Reading on slips of paper in a hat and let Josh draw. Hoping for Burn After Reading, the first time he drew The Family That Preys, and the second time he drew The Women. Ha ha... Bless his heart. Josh said he wasn't in the mood for Tyler Perry, so he said we could go to The Women. What a trooper! I was very proud of him because it was selfless. He totally could've fought for Burn After Reading, which probably wouldn't have been much of a fight, since M-I-L and I also thought it looked entertaining, but he didn't even try. What a sweet son/hubby! I know the cell phone and the movie seem like little things... but that is what life is all about. Little things. I love to be proud of my husband, even for the little things :) So, we went to see The Women, which I thought was good, and then headed home, played with Miley for a bit, and then hit the sack. M-I-L left this AM as Josh was pulling out for his Saturday morning bike ride. Here I sit with our sweet Miley, enjoying a lazy Saturday and the fall weather! Hope you have a beautiful day :)

Random question/confession: Does anyone else get super flattered and excited when they see their blog in other people's "blogs I read" list? 'Cause I do! :)