Saturday, September 20, 2008

My little snuggle bunny

Miley Jean Gamble is growing up and getting big! She is 17.5 weeks old and pushing 20 lbs (about 18.5) and is playing like crazy! She's losing teeth and growing new ones. It is so fun to continue to watch her discover new things (chasing rabbits in the back yard), meet new people (everyone is her best friend), and have play dates with new friends and old. She seems to looove babies, which bodes well for Josh and me in the future, since we plan on expanding our little family in the next few years. My favorite Miley trick (see pics) is one that I taught her b/c I remembered Ceasar Milan says they should be invited to their food..... or something like that. I will put her food down and she will sit there until I say "Ok!" It makes me so proud! She will also do that with her Kong and some other treats when we put them on the ground. One thing I love about Miss Miley is that she's a snuggle bunny. She also likes to hang out with me in my bathroom while I get ready in the mornings. About a month or so ago, if we'd let her out the back door, she would've gone tearing down the stairs to play in the backyard and we'd usually have trouble getting her to come back in....well, these days, she'll sit at the back door, and when we let her outside, she'll walk out on the porch, look around and come back to the door,usually, only going down to the backyard if we walk down with her. Bizarre. She has also developed a new habit of barking at people/dogs she sees from afar, which I'm trying to teach her is not good manners and probably not something to do. As snuggly/attached as she's been lately, I wonder if it might be her being a little protective of us. It seems that we've just thrown the rules to the wind, apparently, and have been letting her get on the bed and couch if she's going to lie down and be calm, which is usually the case. She also likes to just sit in my lap and love sometimes, which I adore. Her ears are so floppy and have a hard time not flipping inside out haha. Praise the Lord that she is starting to make it longer in the morning before she starts crying/barking to go outside. She's been making it to about 6-6:30 lately, which is a big improvement over 3am and 5am! Enjoy the Miley pics!

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