Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Proud and in pain...

Well, I'm very proud of my Vanderbilt Commodores! They are 4-0 and #1 in the East SEC! Hopefully they can bring their A-Game this weekend against the Auburn Tigers. It should be a good game, even though AU is favored like 4+ points. Never know with those Vandy 'Dores! I'm proud of their performance this season and hope they can keep up the good work! (I do try not to talk about it too much, for fear that I'll scare it away! Ha ha) :)

I started my physical therapy yesterday at Eskridge and White over in Homewood. OH MAN am I sore today! Lizzy, my therapist yesterday, worked my body hard. I can't remember the exact description she gave me, but apparently my hip flexors are CRAZY tight and that is causing the right side of my pelvis to tilt, which makes my sacrum bone hit another one.... or something... all of which has apparently made my L4-5 disc protrude and pulls everything out of alignment. Thus, the pain and muscle tightness. Whew! She gave me some exercises/stretches to be doing at home and gave me a lift for my shoe, which should take some pressure off of my painful joint. Hopefully we'll finally be able to get this in check!

Josh and I are house/dog sitting for my aunt and uncle Oct 4-15th. It's going to be interesting. We are basically moving over there because my aunt is worried the dogs will get anxious and lonely with them gone this long, understandably so. Plus, Miley has never met their dogs, Bear-Pomeranian Poodle- and Phoebe-Yorkie. Bear is very old and should be fine temperament-wise, assuming Miley can leave him alone. Phoebe, on the other hand, has had a few occasions of going after my cousin Laura's dog, Macy-Golden Retriever- featured in past play date post (see pics to left and right). My aunt wonders if maybe it won't be a problem with her not there for Phoebe to be protective of.

Miley, bless her sweet heart, is in her "everyone is my best friend and wants to play with me" phase, which, unfortunately for her, is not always the case. LOL. Some dogs are what is called "avoidant." They don't want to cause trouble, but they do want to be left alone. Case-in-point: my niece, Elsie Marie Brannon (pictured in bottom left). She is always the SWEETEST dog with humans, but when it comes to other dogs, she won't bother them, but wants to be left alone. Miley can't really grasp this concept, which might cause her some trouble at the Turner house with Bear and/or Phoebe. I might just try to keep them separated for the most part to avoid trouble for any of the dogs, and I'm going to wish for the best! I am sure everything will be just fine. I am hoping to set up some play dates for Miley soon to let her fill her energetic playing needs and am always looking for new friends for Miley!
Well, now that I have sufficiently procrastinated... I'm off to do some school work! Hope you're all having a lovely day and enjoying this Fall weather :)

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Sharon said...

You definitely need to bring your camera as Bear and Phoebe want their picture in your blog too!!! Should I bring Phoebe over for a visit?