Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Body by Josh"

Most of you may not have heard, but Joshy G. resigned from his organic food sales job about a month or two ago. We talked and prayed about it, and decided it was the best thing to do. He wasn't happy anymore and because sales were down due to economic crisis, having to pay for gas to and from Atlanta/around town made the job actually cost us money. Bless his heart, he said that after he put in his notice, the sun actually seemed to shine brighter when he walked outside. All of that to say... He is doing personal training full-time and loving it! So... I wanted to get the word out, especially now that the weather is getting so beautiful and people are getting back in bathing suit shape.
Right now, Josh teaches 3 group fitness classes: 1 @ 5:30am in Crestline, 1 @ 5:30am in Liberty Park, and 1 @ 9am in Liberty Park. They are open to everyone and to all fitness levels. He also does home training that can be one-on-one or with buddies, if you'd like. You do not need to have a home gym for him to home train you. It is great accountability! Josh works with clients of all ages and is also open to starting more group fitness classes in other parts of town if people are interested. If you have questions or are interested in some personal training, you can e-mail josh at I'd appreciate it if you'd help spread the word, too! :o)

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