Sunday, March 22, 2009

When it rains.... it pours...

Well, it's been quite a week... you've all seen what happened with the computer, which we still don't have back because too much other stuff was going on for me to get over to pick it up on Friday... then came the car trouble... to begin with, somehow water got all underneath, but inside my car... under the passenger side..which they said was probably a clogged sun roof drain... i so took it in at 8am fri before 10am class..having been told it would be a quick thing, i didnt bother finishing getting ready b/c i would be going back by the house before class (didnt dry hair, put on makeup or brush my teeth... or feed miley). around 9:00 i'm like... ive seriously gotta go... they take me back into the shop and say they immediately had to stop on the water situation b/c there was a huge oil leak! Apparently express oil change didnt put what is called an O ring back on when they changed my oil and that is what holds the oil in and is VERY important.... they also tore up a plate guard thing that is under my dar... the oil thing could've cost us $20,000 (to get new transmission or engine according to the guy at VW) if not found when we did-praise the LORD. So we're pretty pissed at Express and needless to say will be taking it up with them for the bill (not the water stuff b/c it wasn't their fault..but the oil and guard plate was...and any damages caused by their blatant disregard for my car. So after waiting around for the shuttle for about 30 min and no time to run home to finish getting ready, i finally get to class where my group got a crappy grade on our lab report... you know...when it rains, it pours...these week has been quite the shower. I feel like usually something good can be found in the midst of bad things happening. Fortunately some good things have come out of the bad this week... if i hadnt messed up the computer on monday, we wouldnt have found out that our internal hard drive was going bad and it couldve really crashed..... and then if i hadnt had water fill up in the car, i wouldnt have taken it in and they wouldve have found the oil problem with the O, blessings... just tiring, frustrating ones to come by :o)

On a side note, I would like to brag on my sweeeeeet hubby Joshy G. He came to UAB to meet me for lunch, and brought me a toothbrush, tooth paste, and my makeup. Is it surprising to anyone at all that his love language is Acts of Service? :o) He's such a blessing to me.

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