Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lake Martin weekend with the Keevers!

Last weekend, Josh and I made our first trip of 2009 down to my parents' lake house at beautiful Lake Martin. It was so incredibly relaxing and the weather was gorgeous! On top of relaxation and gorgeous weather, we had wonderful company-The Keevers! It was Keev and Wyatt's first trip to Sweetgum Cove. Eden had been tons of times in high school, and Buck got to come with us March 2007 for my bachelorette weekend. Miley had her first trip back in August when she was only 3 months old. This was also Josh and my first weekend to host another family at the lake! As Eden said in her post, we did a whole lot of nothing... and it was glorious! We relished the time to visit with each other, laid out on the dock, loved on Wyatt, watched the puppies romp around on the beach, and watched a few movies. I have always loved Lake Martin and my parents' lake house, but now that I am growing older and have a (very small) family of my own with Josh and Miley, I'm more appreciative of it, and excited about what is to come: more trips with friends.... bringing our babies to the lake (once they come)... going to the lake with my sisters... and eventually with their hubbies and babies... life, I guess! :) Here are some pics from the weekend...Sunset the first nightSaturday AM... so peaceful!A quick bottle before we head to lunch at Sinclair's!
Wyatt and his mommy holding hands at lunch...
My sweet heart Joshy G.
Miley and Buck had a FUN time! They're buds :)
Wrestling over a Propel bottle...Miley stole it...The Keever fam!
Those cute shorts were Uncle Trey's when he was little!
Joshy G. relaxing with a People... haha
Love that little belly...
Miley looooves babies... so, of course, she needed to be close to Josh and Wyatt :o)
Pretty baby blues...
"Get your own box..."
Miley's other buddy, Barney, came over to play periodically throughout the weekend. He's a GREAT playmate, b/c he's only about 5 mths older than she is, and has lots of energy, too!After getting her bath, Miley was wiped OUT from playing so hard with Buck and Barney!

It was a wonderful weekend, and we are really looking forward to getting back down to the lake house as soon as possible. What a tremendous blessing we have in the lake house!

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The Byingtons said...

Those are some b-e-a-utiful pictures!! I can't believe Wyatt is getting so big!