Monday, March 2, 2009

Last bit of February...

In my Valentine's Day post, I told you about our new grill...well, here it is! It's definitely nicer than the Walmart $30 grill we had before! haha. Josh is loving it!Which leads me to the rest of the post... On the weekend of February 22nd, my bff Eden and I threw our friend, Beth, a post-baby shower at my house and had so much fun throwing it. Since Eden and I have very similar taste, particularly when it comes to showers, invitations, etc. we complimented each other very well as co-hostesses. The fun really all started on the Saturday before the shower. Eden came up Saturday morning to have an "Eden Day." Eden left Wyatt at home with Daddy Josh (his first time to keep Wyatt overnight alone-apparently it went very well-great job, Josh!) and headed up to Birmingham! She got her hair done... nails done... dinner with her step-dad, Frank... and then she met up with me and my family out to dinner and got to catch up with them. After dinner, we ran to Wal-mart to pick up a few household items and then she and I dropped Josh off at home and ran to Publix to shop for the shower food. After Publix, we started an evening of preparation and serious girl talk! We popped open a bottle of wine I'd been saving for a special occasion---and a girls' night definitely qualified! It was so much fun, and I could tell Eden had such a great, relaxing and much-needed day to pamper herself. She was relaxed and almost giddy she was so chatty :) I loved it. The next morning, the shower went really well. Beth had a good turnout, got some fantastic presents, and everyone adored getting to meet baby Maddox!The spread..fruit/fruit dip, strawberry cake w/ cream cheese icing, cheese/crackers, muffins, lemon/lime water, lemon/lime sweet tea, and chicken salad sandwiches on rye. It was delicious!
And, of course, you can't come to a party at the Gamble Residence without a cake! It's a clothesline with a few items hanging on it and a few sitting in front... car seat, diaper bag, towel, etc.
Here's sweet baby Maddox! He was such a good baby throughout the entire shower!

If you know me... you know I LOVE a clean, straight house... but don't like to clean like some ladies do. I know... such a dichotomy! However, I also don't like people to come over to a dirty or messy house, so while we might straighten and do a light cleaning for company, we definitely do a deep clean for events at our house! Therefore... having spent the time scrubbing the house clean for the shower, we decided to put it to good use and have our Sunday School Social at our house that evening, too! We LOVE having people over to our house! I loved hearing the laughter and chatting circulating throughout the house... Miley and Cooper chasing each other from room to room... Josh manning the grill... and wonderful fellowship permeating through our home. Sweet Cooper turned 2 that Saturday, so Brooke brought a b'day cake and we all sang to him. Fortunately, I had a 2 candle from when I made Josh's 26th bday cake last year!

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good post tay! love the update...i never heard how the social now i know! haha