Monday, March 2, 2009

Miley playing in the snow!

What a GREAT way to end an already amazing weekend! My bff, Joy, and her husband, Luke, came over to visit us on Thursday (thru Sat evening). The last time we saw them was in November, so we were so glad to finally get to see them! They also brought their pug, Captain Jack. He and Miley always have so much fun together and are the best of buddies! It was also their first trip to B'ham together, so Joy had lots that she wanted Luke to experience and most of it revolved around food memories from high school: Donato's Pizza, Milo's, Purple Onion, and O'Henry's Coffee. Other than food, we caught up on the lastest, reminisced about old times, showed Luke B'ham, shopped at the Galleria, met up with another friend (Lauren), shopped around Homewood, ate at Sekisui, took the puppies on a hike at the trail in Vestavia I've previously blogged about, and more. It was a fantastic weekend, which, of course went too fast! Luke is the youth pastor at their church, so they had to head out Saturday evening in order to be home for Sunday church. Josh and I just hung out at our house Saturday night, and... if the weekend wasn't already amazing enough--we woke up to SNOW Sunday morning! It was absolutely beautiful. I'd forgotten how beautiful and incredibly peaceful/soothing/calming snow is. It definitely made me want to get out to Colorado asap (which I know Joshy G. will love to hear b/c he's been aching to get back out there after our family trip to Keystone in Dec. 2007). I'll post some snow pictures soon, but wanted to post the video we took of sweet Miley playing in the snow! As you can tell, she loved it!

Any new guesses on what breeds you think Miley has in her???

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