Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home... finally!

Josh and I have really started to feel all of the traveling we've been doing lately. We are glad that we've made the executive decision to stay in town next weekend. This weekend we went to visit my Aunt Retha and her partner, Stephenie, in Asheville, NC. Josh and I have been trying to make it up there to see them for a while and were so glad to finally make the trip. They live in a gorgeous house up on the mountain. I'm particularly grateful to have the opportunity to visit my Aunt Retha because she is now going on her 4th year of surviving cancer! It seemed like a quick trip, but we had a great time visiting, shopping, and eating at great restaurants with them in Asheville. Asheville is a beautiful city, and I look forward to going back again to see more of what it has to offer. Even though we had a great trip and enjoyed our visit, Josh and I were so glad to get home to sleep in our own bed tonight! Some exciting things to which to look forward..... less than a week until Eden, Josh, Buck, and baby Wyatt are in Birmingham for a little bit while they look for a place in Montgomery!..... less than 2 weeks until my sweet sister Grace who has been serving at Beach Project in Ft. Walton Beach, FL this summer will be home briefly... and finally, I have mixed emotions about it, but less than 2 weeks until my last day of work at NMFN.... I'm sad to leave, but happy to leave.... I'll miss all of the great people there... and I really do enjoy the work I've been doing.....on the other hand, I'm excited about the new change of pace and seeing where God leads me on this new path... Should be exciting :) Hope everyone had a fun, safe weekend! I'm off to finish Army Wives!

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LGB1226 said...

YAY! I'm in your blog! Feel like I asked for you. See you soon!