Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ready or not, here he comes!

I am very excited and proud to announce that tomorrow morning, Eden and Josh will welcome baby Wyatt Timothy Keever to the world! His arrival has been anxiously anticipated and we are all thrilled that he'll finally be here! As a tribute to this pregnancy, I've included a little photographic montage of Eden's pregnancy. Goodbye belly! (Hello boobies haha) She's such a cute pregnant lady :)

It a
ll started with a kiss...

Then came peanut~! 10 wks

We thought this was big.. haha. 12 wk 5 days

14 weeks...

14 wk 5 days We really thought this was huge...

17 wk 5 days. please ignore the hair. she was fresh out of shower haha.

18 wk 5 days. It's a boy! Eden was so glad she was able to find out the sex before Josh left on his month-long deployment in February. I was also glad, b/c I was going to visit her in March and we needed to know the sex to do some shopping! haha.

21 weeks (that is not her belly button in sideways picture. Just a well-placed plate in background.)

23 wks 5 days

29 wk 5 days

29 wk 5 d

About 34 wks.
This was the bathing suit Eden's mom wore when she was pregnant with her!

35 wks 5 days! With a cute new 'do!

Almost 38 wks. Wyatt's uncle is an olympian!

Stay tuned for pictures of sweet baby Wyatt!

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