Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have some random pieces of information to share today...
1. Praise sweet Jesus that my mole removed last week was benign!!!

2. I'm so pumped to get to the lake house for 4th of July! Because of the drought, last year we spent the 4th in Birmingham, which is not quite as exciting and certainly not a tradition :)

3. SAD news... BFF Eden, new baby Wyatt, and hubby Josh K. just found out that after living in Montgomery for 10 mths starting at the end of July, they are being stationed in Lemoore, CA.... despite the fact that 2 groups are requesting Keever and they put Lemoore as their last choice. Since there is nothing anyone can do about it, we're just going to choose to embrace it. It'll be fun to go visit in CA.

Random survey. I found it on the Jonas blog and thought it'd be fun to do.... you should do it, too!

Maybe I should...get a maid.
I love the smell of... Josh after a shower... grilling out... rain.... babies...coconut... suntan lotion
People would say that straightforward.
I don't understand why...God is so patient and merciful with a sinner like me.
When I wake up in the morning...I thank God for another day with my friends and family!
I lost my will power to... exercise everyday.
Life is wonderful with... Josh's unconditional love and Jesus.
My past made me...more understanding and laid back.... and nostalgic.
I get annoyed when...people cancel lunch/dinner dates/weekend plans on me.
Parties are much fun without your friends.
Dogs are...awesome. Josh and I hope to get one in the next month or so! We'll see.
Cats...are nice, but Josh is allergic to them.
Tomorrow I am going to...celebrate the 4th of July at the lake with friends and family!!!
I have a low tolerance for...bad attitudes and disrespect.
I'm totally terrified of...drowning/driving off bridge into water.
I never thought my life would far away from my bestfriends' lives.
Never in my life....did I realize I'd love spending so much time daily with one boy :)
Highschool was something that...I miss. You get to see your bestfriends everyday! Now mine live far away.
I have great memories with... Joy and Eden!... and camp people.
When I'm nervous...I feel a little nauseated.
Take my in the Lord...and date for at least a year before getting engaged or making a baby...if you can...haha.
Making my bed is...something I try to do everyday. It's easy.
I'm almost always...talking haha.
I'm addicted to...probably food.
I want give us the money for our dream house.
Hope everyone has a happy, fun, and safe 4th of July!!!!


Mama Bird said...

Driving off a bridge into the water is one of my biggest fears! I can't stand to drive over a bridge that is over a large body of water. wnehydz

The Byingtons said...

Hey now, last 4th of July was quite a good time if I remember correctly! ;-) I know what you mean though, I was so glad to be at the beach this year!! Did y'all make another Patriotica?!? Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

The Byingtons said...

No, no, I wasn't offended at ALL! I totally know what you meant...I was just giving you a hard time. :-) We usually go to the beach, so we were glad to do that again this year too! LOVE the cake idea! Sounds delish!!