Monday, July 28, 2008

Our sweet girl, Miley

Miss Miley has been so much fun to have around. When she gets really playful, she can make me laugh so hard that I cannot breathe. It's wonderful. haha. She is developing such a little personality. The other night, she found her tail and spun around in circles chasing it! (see pics) We are also very impressed with how smart she seems to be. Miley is really learning her manners. She's learned to sit at the door to wait for an invitation inside.... sit to wait on her potty treat.... sits to wait for her food... all without being told to anymore! I also think it's so neat to see how breeds of dogs have such innate behaviors. A retriever mix, she has started retrieving the tennis ball on her own! It's very cool :)

After 4 days of throat shots in a row last week, she is finally on an antibiotic to get this resp infxn taken care of. The meds seem to knock her out! Saturday night, she climbed up in Claire's lab and passed out!She seems to be coughing more, but Josh and I think it's a good sign that the meds (which she fortunately loves to take!) are working, b/c they are "productive" coughs. She also has another bulge (herniated spot) by her spay incision that we're watching. Dr. Okin said to check back with him about it in a week to let him check it out again. I think he will ultimately end up going back in to clean up the shabby job the Humane Society "vets" did on our poor puppy's spaying. We also get to give Miley her first bath on Thursday b/c the 10 days of waiting after her spaying will be over. That should be interesting. Ha ha. I'm just so ready to get her well and for her to finish her initial shots so we can take her to see other doggy friends and on walks outside of our yard! I can't wait :)
We put some creamy peanut butter in her Kong and she was a BIG fan!
My cousin, Laura, brought over some of her dog Macy's old puppy toys last week and we are so grateful! So far, Miley's faves are a ball (in bkground of pic), one of the ropes, and this AKC duck toy that Macy broke the squeaker inside. Miley will shake that duck like crazy! Claire and Brian also brought Miley some tennis balls and bones. She is all about retrieving the tennis balls!She also sleeps in crazy positions and squirms around in her sleep like a kid! Miley will sleep with me, but her favorite is to snuggle up with Josh in his "spoon spot." This Sunday, we blew up the aerobed in the living room for some family snuggle/relax time and Miley was a big fan because she's actually allowed on the aerobed! Most mornings, Josh will get up early to take her out and then they will nap together in the living room on the floor. I have been really proud of Josh and the way that he has risen to this new responsibility. This morning when I was about to head out the door for work, I overheard him tucking her into her crate and telling her "Bye Miley, I love you." It was one of the SWEETEST things I've ever heard and makes me excited for when we have our real babies one day. I know the love he has for Miley cannot compare to the love he will have for our babies. He is going to be a fantastic and loving father one day.... in the distant future ; ) haha. For now, I will continue to enjoy watching him with our puppy daughter!
When I was little, it was not uncommon for me to sleep with my fave toy of the moment.... apparently my sweet Miley has the same approach to napping and toys...