Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home from Dr. and lake pics...

Well, our little Miley girl is home from the Vet and very lathargic. Which, sad to say, it's kinda nice for now, after how puppy-wild she's been lately haha. Geez, I'm horrible! I hope she feels better and gets back to herself soon though! I can't imagine I'd be too chipper after having the same procedure done! lol.

Ok. I've been promising lake pics for a while now... here they are! It was lots of fun and I can't wait to watch as Miley develops more and more into our lake-lovin' dog! :)
First swim at the lake!
She's a fast swimmer!
All about those goats!
She found a nice perch at the beginning of the lake trip. haha
Playin' with Dad.
The rug at the lake is GREAT for napping :)
Come on, Barney! Let's play!Playing with her lake friend, Barney!Playing with lake friend, Barney! He even got her to walk into the water on her own!

Napping in Aunt Paige's arms
She swam out to Josh on her own- he was particularly excited :)
Playin' with Dad.
Riding in the boat with my sweet girl :)
Exhausted from playing with Barney!
Clearly she is not stressed by riding in the boat haha.
The lake will wear you out!
So pretty.
Look at my handsome hubby!
Love this one :)

"I'm all over this boat thing, Mom." I promise that is what she said.

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