Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby shower.. and nap time at the Keever house

Ok... just got back from our first baby shower that was in Nashville today! There was a great turnout of Regenia's friends, as well as my Aunt Sharon, cousin Laura, close friend Laurie H., and my momma! I am blown away by everyone's generosity, especially since they don't really know me that well (even though the presents were technically for the boys). They still came to the shower and showered our baby boys with love, excitement, and presents. I have gotta say, we got some amazing items, but think that everyone there would agree that the winning present of the shower was from Regenia, Josh's mom... she made me cry! She wrote the sweetest note and in the present was the outfit that Josh wore home from the hospital and the one he wore on day that he was dedicated to the Lord.... complete with pictures of him in the outfits! (both Feltman Brothers) Many of the other women, including my sweet momma, teared up, too! SO SWEET! We are tremendously blessed!

On a random other note.... I just saw this post by my BFF, Eden, and HAD to share it... too funny!
Please check it out. It's a quick one. (Click Here)


The Byingtons said...

Aw! Sweet sentimental gifts are the best. How special!!

Leslie and Geoff said...

My mom saved my Feltman Bros. "home from the hospital" outfit and gave it to me at my VA shower--don't you just love those traditions!

Rachel said...

Will wore Todd's coming home outfit in his hospital pictures, and Reese came home in one of my newborn dresses. I love that our Mom's saved them after all these years!

Elise Hollinhead said...

Can't wait to see some pictures from your shower! I love looking at shower pictures~

Ellis said...

How fun that you have already had a shower! We painted our nursery last weekend- I posted some pics on my blog.

Hope you're feeling well! I have started swelling in my ankles and hands...ugh. :)