Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amazingly blessed.

I don't have to tell many of you that I have an awesome family. We are very loyal, loving, and close. Of course, like all families, we have our moments of dissension, but ultimately we are always there for each other and love one another unconditionally. This weekend (Thurs-Sat plus Mon and Tues) has been no exception!

Mom, Dad, and Paige decided that because:
A) I am getting SO pregnant
B) they knew I was a little frustrated b/c I wanted to get our house ready for Jack Henry and Harrison's arrival, but Josh has been working a lot....which is a good thing b/c he's providing for our family, but hard on getting things done around the house
......that they were going to bring in the troops and help!

Mom, Dad, and Paige have been over here every day since Thursday (we're taking today off) for HOURS at a time helping Josh and me clean out, purge, deep clean, and reorganize our entire house! I am AMAZINGLY BLESSED. Not everyone's family would take it upon themselves to offer hours of selfless service, but mine has...and I could NOT be more grateful.

We still have the study and laundry room to go, (plus work outside) but our house already feels like new! It feels AMAZING. We even decided to rearrange the dining room and it looks so much bigger! We also FINALLY decided on some bedding for the nursery (see right pic: we're getting the bumper, fitted sheet, and possibly the bed skirt, but not the quilt...left pic: ordered the middle rug) and were able to choose a paint color....which is actually the same color as our bedroom.
It is kind of a coffee color. It feels great to be making some progress in the nursery!

Sorry about the lack of belly pic this week. Josh took the picture, but with all that's been going on this week, I've delayed posting it. I'll post it when I post my 25 week belly pic. On a bright note, we have our next doctor appointment this Thursday. I'm excited to see our very active baby boys and hear about how well they are growing :)

Hope y'all have a beautiful Sunday! Miley and I are on self-appointed bed rest for most of today after pushing it hard Thurs-Sat...and will do Monday on.


The Byingtons said...

Love love love the bedding!! And I have to admit I was glad to read you weren't getting that quilt to go with it! haha :-)

Britney said...

LOVE LOVE your bedding also! SO cute. You have excellent taste. Now don't over do it with your housework. Rest while you can:)