Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 22 Belly Pic...

Josh took these of me last night b/c we forgot on Sunday and Monday, our 2 regular belly pic nights lol... ah well... it got done, so I guess that's all that matters :) Thought I'd give y'all an extra treat (if you think that it is... you might think it's gross or TMI to see it) by throwing in my first skin belly shot..and a shirt one for the faint at heart. ;o) I'm glad to report those red lines on my side and on my belly are intentions/lines from my pants and not stretch marks! I'm trying to be open to the fact that stretch marks might happen, but I'm praying that they stay away. IF my mom got them with twins, which she does not recall, they went away, so that's promising for me :)


The Byingtons said...

OOoo yay for the bare belly! Shows it off much better and it's SOO cute!! So glad to hear the little Gams are doing well and especially glad that you are too!

The Williamson's said...

I didn't get stretch marks until about 35-36 weeks. Now at 37 weeks they are itching like crazy! I thought I was in the clear but turns out I'm not that lucky. I'm hoping and praying that they go away!!
Katie is right, the bare belly picture shows off those boys much better!! So cute!!
Have a good day and weekend!