Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Belly pics... weeks 20 and 21

The mouse on the desktop decided to work today, so here are belly pics for weeks 20 and 21. Week 20 was taken on a stack of boxes w/ self-timer and they look a little awkward... so I put 2 b/c I wasn't sure which was better.... or less awkward..
Week 20
Week 21


Leslie and Geoff said...

I simply love that Marley wants to be in your pictures! Too cute! And good call on the Pampers, by the way. Geoff and I found they are the best ones for our little man (no leaks, unlike some other brands).

Ellis said...

Hi! I came across your blog by clicking links from friends' blogs one day. I promise I'm not a weirdo. :) Your blog caught my eye because I am pregnant too (but only with one)! I am less than a week behind you (due May 21) and have enjoyed comparing my belly and experiences thus far with one to what you post on your blog. We are waiting to find out what we're having until May! I used to live in Bham and taught Kindergarten in Hoover, but now I live in Mobile and teach K4 at a private K-12 school. Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I enjoy reading your blog...feel free to click on mine sometime. :)

Shea said...

So, I'm a little behind because I have a hard time keeping up with blogs, but congratulations! And, how exciting to see your belly move! I always loved that part of pregnancy. And, as for our little lovely pink (and aqua actually - aren't we lucky?), our toilet and sink were pink but we at least changed those out for white ones. I've just decorated old school in there with the pink and aqua. It's not great, but it works - I guess. ;)

Kristin Zaleuke Westberg said...

LOL-- I love how Miley always seems to make her way into the pictures :) And you are sure growing them babies good :) Love you!!