Monday, January 4, 2010

belly pics... explanation

Hey y'all! Don't worry! I DID take my 20 and 21 week belly pics... however, we've been having issues with the mouse on our desktop computer (I'm on our new netbook we got for Christmas at a great price on Black Friday) where I upload our pics. I may just upload those pics on here so I can post them for those interested in seeing them. :) The 20 week pic session was humorous b/c my sweet belly photog (aka: hubby Josh) was house/dog-sitting for my aunt and uncle all last week AND worked all 7 days, so needless to say, he was gone a lot and wasn't around to take my pic. Therefore, I stacked up some storage tubs and set the self-timer... it was interesting trying to get the right pic. Anyways, I just wanted to update everyone on the belly pic situation. The pic below taken on 12/31 was at 20.5 weeks, so you kind of have an idea of the belly, but I'll still work on posting the 20 and 21 week pics. We have our next baby appointment next weds 1/13. I can definitely tell the boys have grown... bc both my belly and the numbers on the scales have grown ha ha. I'm also feeling them a lot more! Josh felt baby B kick for the first time yesterday during church and the specialness and magnitude of that moment brought me to tears. It really touched my heart.

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Cole and Jennifer said...

Isn't it wonderful? I'm tearing up reading this at work, Tay. You guys are going to be SUPER parents!