Monday, January 18, 2010

Little tidbits

I don't have a lot to discuss in particular, but thought I'd post...

This weekend was fairly uneventful, as many of our weekends will be for a while, b/c Joshy G is on the schedule to work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I did, however, go run errands with my Aunt Sharon on Saturday, which I enjoyed. She had the brilliant idea of giving us baby books for the boys as an early shower present. They are really cute--Noah's Ark is on the front of them and there are some bible verses sprinkled throughout the book :) It's especially great because we have our first baby shower this next weekend in Nashville with mostly my mother-in-law and Josh's friends, and I'll definitely want all of the guests to sign them! :)

(Addition: I almost forgot! My God-parents generously treated Josh and me to dinner at Flemings with them on Friday night-what a TREAT!)

I have aspirations of doing as thorough of a job filling them out as my Aunt Sharon did on my cousin Rachel's. I looked through it the other day, and was both impressed and inspired. Not only did she have Rachel's "stats" growing up, but she even included adorable anecdotes from Rachel's childhood. One of my favorites was a note my Uncle Ira made about putting 2 or 3 yr old Rachel to bed one night. She would not stay in her bed, and eventually he had to be more stern with her. With tears in her eyes, she looked up at him and said, "God will punish you for what you did!" LOL..... Oh my goodness, that just makes me laugh so much to think about :) It also gets me even more excited about these boys growing in my belly, because I know they are going to bless Josh and me (and others) with hours of laughter.

This weekend, Joshy G and I did put together the boys' cribs! We're still trying to figure out what bedding we'd like to use, and once we decide on that, Joshy G can get on painting the room. Once the room is painted, we can really get to business setting everything up. So exciting!

Last Tuesday, Joshy G and I went on our hospital tour at Brookwood. It was fun to do something baby related and definitely got the two of us more excited for the boys' birthday! Joshy G learned about skin-to-skin contact time and was concerned about the fact that we'll have two and what would we (Taylor) do? (Absolutely precious) The lady said I could put both babies on my chest (which is my plan) and any doubts of whether they'd both fit were squashed after we saw a newborn baby in the nursery. I always forget how tiny they are! I definitely think both of the boys will fit and we'll all share some lovely skin-to-skin time :) Josh did say the thought of whether he might need to strip down and do some skin-to-skin crossed his mind before knowing both boys could fit on me. I adore that thought. and him.

Josh continues to take SUCH great care of me.... making me breakfast some mornings, waiting on the stairs for me at Zoe's yesterday to be a helpful hand, turning on my seat heater in the car before I get in so my bottom will be nice and warm... just to name a few. It means even more to me because his love language is Acts of Service. Not only is he being thoughtful, but because that is is love language, he's showing me how much he loves me by doing those things.

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