Thursday, August 7, 2008

Growing babies: sisters... nephews.. and puppies.

Yesterday I got my books for my classes that will be starting in about a week and 1/2. I shopped around online and at the UAB bookstore... and eventually bought them at Snoozy's, right by UAB's campus. I was happy that I saved about $20. Hey, saving is saving... and every little bit helps!
After textbook shopping, Baby Wyatt invited me over to visit with his mama Eden for a bit :) It was so good to see both of them. Eden's baby weight is just flying off of her- thank you breastfeeding, good genes, and some self-discipline! Baby Wyatt is growing like a weed. Eden thinks he's already up to about 10 lbs. He was 7lb 15 oz at birth 4 weeks ago and lost a little with the jaundice at first, plus- most babies lose a little at first just due to change in environment, etc. He was just as precious as ever and I really enjoyed just getting to hold him while he slept and visiting with his mama :)I was sad to rush off from the Keevers...but I had to get back to my girl, Miley, to feed her, take her out, play for a bit... and bless her heart... I had to put her right back in her crate, b/c I'd promised sweet Grace Brannon that I'd take some pics for her to use with her Vet School applications and then us girls went to see "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2." It was very cute and I wouldn't mind if they came up with a 3rd movie haha. I'm a nerd though. Here are some samples of Gracie's pics... She's just keeps getting more beautiful. They are with just a little point-and-shoot and need some touching up with the color and brightness, ya know... I don't claim to be a pro...I am, however, one of the few that can get her to smile for pics :) I can hardly believe my sweet Grace and Paige are Seniors in college. Where did the time go?? They are growing into such beautiful young women and I can't wait to see what God has planned for their futures! Although, there's definitely no rush, I'm excited to see who they marry... where their life takes them... to raise babies with them... be Aunt Taylor to their babies... and more. For now, I'll just focus on being their friend and prayerfully watch them grow, mature, and be successful. :) Here's an old pic of Grace and Paige.. I'm guessing they were maybe 2?The other night, we got Miley a new leash, new AKC mallard b/c she tore the other one's face off, and a pillow bed for the living room. She could take or leave the leash, but loooves her new mallard and pillow! It made me so happy that she took to the pillow right away. I think it is very cute, too--it's green and white gingham. The nerd that I am... I'm going to get Regenia, Josh's mama, to monogram it haha.... probably with Miley Jean on one end. :) Here's MJG in the kitchen with her new toys....

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Sharon said...

Fabulous pictures of Grace and I love the one of the twins as babies.