Thursday, August 28, 2008

Something in the water....

It is crazy how many pregnant women I know right now.... well, it's more like the past year has been a year of knowing lots of pregnant women. Ha ha. I know that it's definitely my age and the stage of life we're in, but it seems surreal sometimes. Just about every week, I hear about another friend...or friend of a friend who is pregnant, and the thing is, not all of them are first babies! lol. It blows my mind. When did we all grow up? Some ladies I went to high school with are on their 2nd and 3rd babies! Seriously, these babies will practically be able to babysit the Gamble babies when they come! Ha ha. But, I'm not complaining...just reeling a bit from reality :) I could not be happier for my friends...and friends of friends...and the beautiful ways God is blessing their lives! I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn from their experiences in the future. Plus, I adore being able to go love on all of these new babies being born! :)
(Um.... that is one fat baby.)
One thing that I like is that you can also rest assured that I don't let all of the other babies being born put pressure on Josh and my (God willing) time line. We know that we absolutely need to do what is best for us and are praying for God to show us His perfect will in all areas, particularly this one. He is so good to us and I want His timing for our lives, because it is PERFECT. I am SO excited... elated even, for our future and all the babies to come. Josh is going to be the most precious father and we will love those babies like crazy. Right now, I'm relishing in the present: Josh, Miley, and me. I cherish this time that we have together before babies come. Being happy where I am in life right now is a comforting feeling. Thank you for that peace, Lord.


Kimmie said...

thanks for the comment taylor--its always good to hear from you. yes, i did get to see eden the other day and we had a lot of fun talking. wyatt is the cutest little thing. i can't wait for you to experience pregnancy as well...and your right, when you say that you are enjoying this time in your life. Because God does always have the perfect timing for us and enjoy your time with your hubby while you can. i know i did.:)

yourfavoritesister said...

When I grow up, I want the dog in this picture. That is all.