Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miley Update...

Ok... so either it was explained to me incorrectly, or I misunderstood... either way, Miley's tee-tee problem is apparently not due to her early spaying, according to Dr. Okin when I asked him to clarify the procedure for me. Also, it is not surgery, thank goodness. From what I understand... It seems that there is some narrowing or something, which can cause some tee-tee to pool inside her and bacteria to grow-causing infection. This narrowing is apparently very common. However, some Dr.'s will go in while they are spaying them and fix the narrowing, which was not the case with Miss Miley. They will fix the narrow area with a little "balloon" procedure in the lady region. Details aside, she's at the Dr. with Joshy right now. Hopefully the procedure will help her not get infections anymore-that's got to be miserable! (and expensive haha)

I will update soon with pics from the lake, but I'm trying to get ready for class right now, so I'm going to scoot. Have a beautiful day!

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