Friday, August 8, 2008

Quickie post...

Well, I'm soooo glad to say that Miley was given a clean bill of health today at the Vet! YAY! They also said that she looks great-- healthy, shiny coat, etc. Oh, and when we took her to the Vet the 1st time, you'll remember she weighed 8.25 lbs at 9 weeks. Well, at almost 12 weeks, she weighed 10.5 lbs! She is a growing girl! After another vaccination shot today and the clean bill, she is now free to go to the lake and to socialize with other nice, vaccinated doggies :) Josh and I are so excited. The first thing Miley and I did after the Vet was go over to Aunt Eden's to meet her, Wyatt, Buck, Mattie, Louis, and Emmitt. She did GREAT socializing. Josh stopped by to see us and witness some socializing. We were both very proud of Miley and how she seems to just love everyone at this point haha.

This weekend we are headed to Rome, GA with my parents to help them move my sister, Grace, into school for her senior year at Berry College and Miss Miley is going with us. Gracie got the go-ahead from her R.A. for Miley to stay with her int he dorm b/c it'll just the the R.A.s and Grace. She's going early for Volleyball practices, etc.

Soon we're headed to the lake with the family! Josh and I are anxiously awaiting Miley's introduction to the lake experience- particularly the water. We desperately want a dog that loves the water....sooo fingers crossed!!! I'm thinking she'll be great. Just take it nice and slow.

Ok.... that's it for now. You KNOW I'll take lots of pics in Rome, GA and definitely at the lake. Have a beautiful weekend!!!Here's our sweet girl in her crate all by herself! (sorry crappy camera phone pic) Definite success for the Gambles... We desperately want her to like it and to learn that it's a safe space and all hers.

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Sharon said...

I have been waiting for the lake update!!! I'm so glad he can play with others now.