Monday, August 4, 2008

mirror, mirror on the wall, who is that other puppy in the wall?

When we first brought Miley home, we thought, "wow... what a low-key, easy puppy. those other people are nuts." Since then, we have figured out that our darling "low-key" Miley was simply in a new place.. sick with a respiratory infection... and a few days off of getting spayed.... Of course she'd be mild-mannered! Now, I don't want to insinuate that she's bad, b/c that is certainly not the case. She is very loving and playful. Very playful. Puppy playful. Playful... likes to chew on your hands.....and likes to eat wood chips and grass in the yard.... and thinks it's a fun game to run from you in the backyard when you're coming to get them out of her mouth... lol. We are trying our best to be consistent and help her to be disciplined. I just keep reminding myself that we're doing the best job that we know how to do and that she is a P U P P Y. A puppy... and she will grow out of most of her "puppiness" and be a well-mannered and disciplined dog. I think it all just comes with the territory. All of that said, she is still a ton of fun and can make me laugh harder than most anyone else can. She's a sweet girl and is a great addition to our little family. :) Just a wild one right now. haha.On a more positive note, the 2 bulges by Miley's spay incision seem to have gone away! YAY! I'm so glad and that means Dr. Okin probably will not have to go back in to fix the spay job the Humane Society did. Praise the Lord. We'll find out for sure on Friday when I take her for more vaccinations. Also, she is not coughing nearly as much.... and really, I'd venture say not at all at this point. Another "Praise the Lord!" It has been so hard listening to that poor puppy cough, snot, and be sick. I'm also glad, b/c getting over this infection is one of the keys to being able to take her to friends' houses and socialize with other doggies. (plus finishing her vaccinations).It is also amazing me how quickly she's growing! I'm trying to take lots of pictures, b/c she won't be this little puppy for long. Josh maintains that she's gained 2 lbs in the 3 weeks that we've had her. I guess we'll see at her Dr. appointment on Friday! Look at this long girl!
She also likes to climb on the backs of those relaxing on the floor....
One of my favorite things that Miley does lately is stare at herself (the other puppy in the wall) in the mirror in the Dining Room. She makes special trips into the next room to do so. Last night, I swear she sat there looking for a good.... 30+ seconds, which is a long time for a puppy to sit still unless sleeping! haha. (usually she moves before I can get my camera ready for a good pic. )


The Byingtons said...

haha - funny stuff! Believe it or not, Katie has gotten me all into this 'Blog' mess...I mean, I already sit in front of a computer all day - Keep the post's coming! :) That puppy looks so cute and reminds me so much of Gainer as a puppy...Can't wait to see her! The End.


Sharon said...

Wecome to the world of puppydom! I strongly recommend bitter apple spray for the wood on your furniture (updated regularly). I also recommend puppy obedience school (with Josh) as soon as the age is right!