Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's a (play) date!

Before we left for the Lake last Monday, Miley had a play date with Macy, my cousin Laura's Golden Retriever at our house. They had such a fun time chasing the tennis ball... running the back yard...and wrestling in the kitchen. Apparently Miley doesn't just have a thing for her own tail, b/c she was all about Macy's tail! Bless Macy's heart, she was SO patient and indulgent of Miley biting her tail and climbing all over her. I definitely thing big dogs know when they are playing with puppies vs. just a little dog, b/c so far, all of the big dogs Miley has played with have been so indulgent and gentle with her, which has really impressed me. Here are pics of Miley and Macy playing!

Katie Byington: To answer your question... you collect dog tee-tee by quickly shoving a small tupperware container under the dog when they squat. haha.

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The Byingtons said...

ADORABLE pics!!! We have got to meet her soon!!

And wow, that collection method takes some seriously stealth skills!!