Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When in Rome...

Well, Miley is proving to be an excellent traveling dog! Praise the Lord. She slept the entire trip over to Rome. (Such a lady, crossing her legs...haha) We got over to Rome about 7pm, when we met Gracie for a quick dinner at a place with outdoor seating so Miley could come. After dinner, we checked into the hotel with my parents and then Josh, Daddy, Grace, Miley, and I went to the storage unit. Unfortunately, they had changed the code, so we were unable to get in and had to wait until the AM to unload Gracie's stuff. Miley spent the night with Grace Friday and Saturday night since the hotel was not pet friendly. Grace loved the snuggle buddy, but did not appreciate the poop under her bed (new place, gotta poop lol) nor the 1am wake up call. Apparently Miley woke her up to go outside, they walked around for a while and no potty. The minute Miley got back to Grace's room- she peed on the floor. hahaha. Saturday morning, we got Grace's stuff from storage and went to town unpacking boxes, organizing, etc. Grace somehow lucked out and got a double as a single room, so she has the hook up! With her bed lofted, she has enough room for a futon and "office nook." Quite the setup. Miley spent most of the unpacking time sleeping, drinking water, and stealing parts from one of the storage racks lol. . It was a fun weekend and I always enjoy going over to Berry College. Such a beautiful campus and cute town. Here are some pics from the weekend.

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